Saturday, 6 March 2010

General descriptions and the 5th March Weigh-in

As you may or may not know, endurance events are not particularly designed for short, heavy-set ppl but rather, usually, tall, rangy, relatively skinny ppl without too much muscle bulk.

The fact that I'm 5 foot 7 (that's approximately 1.7m for you metric ppl) and weigh 90kg (that's 198lbs) isn't therefore particularly conducive to endurance events. Add to the fact that my knees are made of rubber, my ankles are not particularly flexible and I'm flat footed and you have the perfect endurance tri-fecta ... the answer I get when specialists ask me what sport I've taken up and what are my goals is usually "really? that may not be the best of ideas!" My response to them? "Well, that's the way it is, let's see if we can do something to make it more comfortable"

My body is adapting, slowly, with much grumpiness and fighting (in the form of injuries that plead with me to stop training), but I'm getting there.

The weight is obviously another factor, and something I am going to have to be careful about and monitor closely as part of my training regime. I must admit that this will bring out my ill-discipline to the nth degree. I'm not good at dieting, or watching what I eat (except as I scoff it down) so weight loss is no easy matter.

I will therefore be aiming to post (either on a Friday or on a Saturday) the results of my Friday morning weigh-in. The aim being that publicly announcing it to the few people reading this blog might shame me into doing something more about things.

So here we go, yesterday - 5 days after the half-marathon and a 5 day trip to Malta in which I carbo-loaded, generally ate like a pig and then failed to exercise until today (my knees and feet were recovering) my results are:

5.03.10 - Weight:90.0kg (198lbs)

I have a body fat measurer thingy on my scales which I do not know how to use yet. I will endeavour to learn and will post those results also.

My aim?

To be under 80kg by 25th July 2010 - that's under 176lbs.

10kgs/22lbs to go - let this facet of the journey begin

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