Saturday, 5 September 2009

Withdrawal Symptoms and Project Halves

My 2009 season is over and I'm getting some serious withdrawal symptoms. My coach has ordered 2 weeks no training, so obviously because I can't do it, I'm thinking about it all the more and finding it really odd that i'm not 'allowed' to do anything. Coach's reasoning is correct though. I've put my body through an awful lot these last 6 months and so I need a bit of rest and recovery before it begins again. And it will indeed begin again.

I had blogged a while back that my target for 2010 was training for and completing an Olympic Distance triathlon (ideally London). BUT the plan has now changed and I've become a bit more ambitious.

I have 2 'A' race plans/ambitions for next year ...

1. the Malta Half Marathon (February 28, 2010); and

2. the Antwerp Half Ironman (August 1, 2010).

The aim is to finish both ... I haven't got a time in mind for either but crossing the line in both would be absolutely incredible.

Training starts on September 13 ... the fun and games will start soon!