Thursday, 5 February 2009

A Forced Break

So yes, as has been pointed out as a comment on one of my journal entries I have indeed ben slacking, and the slacking has not only been present in terms of journal entries but also in terms of training. My last training session goes back to what will, as of tomorrow, be two weeks ago. It was, mind you, a pretty decent training session, comprising a 22km cycle in the gym, but as usual, once things were going well and I was feeling like I could really get my teeth into things and move onwards and upwards, sod's law kicks in.

Yes, trust me to come up with an injury in the most bizarre of circumstances. Those of you who know me know that I have a bit of a dodgy back, with a scar most of the way across it to prove it (thos of you who didn't, well now you know). The dodgy back has been a constant since childhood, triggering off muscle spasms and extreme pain at fairly regular intervals over the years. Well it was triggered off, by, out of all things, a bout of vacuum cleaning in the house. Yep, you read it well, vacuum cleaning. I felt a twinge in my back at the end of my chores, and the twinge developed into further pain. As swimming requires a fair amount of back action I decided to rest and avoid aggravating it.

A back injury added to the feet of snow that have decided to grace the British Isles this week and the resulting treacherous roads (and let's not forget work) have meant that though the pain in my back has subsided, another pain has kicked in ... in a region just below my back ... the weather.

So weather permitting, and back permitting (which it has been for the last couple of days) I should be back in the gym on Saturday or Sunday (no, tomorrow I can't coz I have to be at work early and Saturday sees us going to Twickenham for the rugby).

Until next time.